What's New?

We constantly invest resources in improving, designing and modernizing equipment and tools. Our main focus is improving efficiency, safety and reducing environmental impact.

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Who We Are

Nootka Reforestation is strategically located on the west coast of Vancouver Island with access to coastal regions by water and land. We aim to implement intricate logistics, expert management and experienced crew in a safe and proficient manner. Even the most challenging projects have been consistently completed within time and budget.

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What We Do

Tree planting: Planting remote worksites that are logistically challenging by land, water or air.

Stand Tending: We can perform all aspects of stand tending such as brushing, spacing, girdling, fertilization, and pruning.

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Our roots dig back to 1973 when Mark Jarrett joined Triple Eight Enterprises. Tree planting was in its early stage of development, a craft being invented by free thinking individuals with foresight.



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