2012 Season!

We had a very successful 2011 season!  Thank you to all for your hard work and commitment. We’re looking forward seeing you again in the upcoming season.

The 2012 season will see some changes to our safety program. Under the motto “Work hard, Work safe”, we’ll be focusing on the following safety issues:


·         Leading by example

·         Safety over production

·         Personal protective equipment (under the list of equipment needed, you will see that 2 pairs of caulk boots are required. These blue rubber caulk boots are no longer allowed due to their poor quality and insufficient ankle support)


·         Emergency evacuation procedures

·         Radio communication protocol and check-in procedures

·         Communication (all workers will be issued a chest pack and handheld radios)

·         Early detection of repetitive motion injury symptoms

·         Your responsibility of co-workers

·         Hazards detection

·         Exposure to chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides

·         Hand washing kits

·         Boat emergency procedure drills

Please fill out our newly designed safety matrix, How often to you take risks? This will help you, as well as us, recognize our capacity in all safety matters. Our common goal is to reduce and eliminate injuries.

Things you need to bring

·         2 pairs of caulk boots (if you still have blue rubber caulks in good condition they can be used as back-up)

·         200 caulks

·         Hi-Vis vest, Hi-Vis t-shirts, and Hi-Vis rain gear

·         Climbing helmet (Helmets must be of a hard-shell type, not foam, and have a 6-point harness. They must be rated: UIAA 106)

Rockman Vented Climbing Helmet: This is a lightweight vented helmet for just over $30.00. The Rockman Lumber Jack model is also suited for brushing work with the visor and ear protection.  The Petzel Ecrin Roc Helmet is extremely durable; this helmet can withstand harsh conditions and rough treatment. The cost is around $100.00.






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