Employment Opportunities

We are always interested in highly motivated and skilled workers who want to join our team for long-term employment.

What we offer

  • Long-term employment
  • Long seasons (planting season starts mid-January, weather permitted, until end of May, and again for the month of September)
  • Very comfortable accommodations, with internet and cable available
  • A safe and respectful working environment
  • Set per-tree price rates throughout the contract
  • Injured worker management program
  • Sick pay
  • Child support
  • Holiday pay
  • Statutory holiday pay
  • A chance to work and experience one of the most scenic places in BC

Nootka Reforestation abides by all the silviculture labour laws of BC.

What we expect

  • Interaction and participation during safety meetings
  • Following all safe work procedures
  • Enjoy working and living in our communities
  • Taking pride in your work
  • Taking responsibility for yourself and your co-worker
  • Respect
  • Regard for company equipment
  • Professionalism
  • Environmentally conscience
  • Solid work ethic


What we don't want to see

  • Disrespect towards company equipment or other co-workers
  • Highballer mentality
  • Unsafe work practises
  • Poor quality and low production
  • Putting yourself before others
  • An "it's all about the money" attitude


While competition between planters is always present to a certain degree, Nootka does not promote competition as a way to achieve high production. We promote work safe, work hard! Our consistent, high production planters are between 40-57 years. Their experience has taught them to not take risks and to not abuse their bodies. Planting quality trees in an excellent working environment ensures high production and mutual satisfaction. On occasion we hire less experienced planters if they have recommendations from planters who have worked for us. We prefer local island people who enjoy working, living and playing on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

If you wish to apply for a position with Nootka Reforestation, you should send an application by e-mail to info[at]nootkareforestation.com. Due to the large number of applications we receive, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a response to your application unless you include references from employees who worked for us. Your application should include the following information:

  • A brief description (300-500 words) about your personal history. You can tell us about where you were born, places you've lived, schools you've attended, your hobbies, sports you play, and previous jobs that you've held.
  • Why you want to plant in the upcoming season.
  • Why you are specifically interested in working for Nootka Reforestation, as opposed to any other company.
  • Do you know anyone else who works with Nootka? Who?
  • What experience do you have? Give us as much detail as possible. We'd like to know about previous your previous employers, who your foremen/supervisors were at these companies, and any contracts you've worked on (which places, and for which lumber companies or government agencies? What types of coastal ground have you worked? Have you worked on the west coast? What price ranges did you get? What was your average/high/low daily production?)
  • How would you classify yourself as a planter?
  • Do you have any medical conditions we should be aware of? Have you ever experienced back, knee, or wrist problems, or any forms of tendonitis?
  • Do you have any special certificates or abilities that we should be aware of, such as first aid training, fire suppression, class four driver's license, snag faller's certificate, danger tree assessor, crew boat operator, chainsaw operator, etc
Thank you for your time and interest.