First Nations

Nootka Reforestation understands the emerging, vital role that Aboriginal communities have in the sustainable management of BC's forest resources and is committed to supporting this role.

We will continue to expand our efforts to provide equal opportunity employment and training practices. Our social consciousness demands respect to the traditional lands and communities on and adjacent to our forest operations.  Our company has enjoyed the privilege of working in the Nootka Sound area for over 20 years. We are familiar with all aspects of operating a successful company, including management, safety, public relations, employee relations, competitiveness and long-term employment. Our goals are based on values such as commitment, sustainability, environment and establishing improved relations with First Nations. We believe that First Nations involvement in establishing their own successful business in the three main industries-forestry, fishing, tourism-would be beneficial for everyone. These goals can only be achieved with cooperation from everyone involved. We hope we can contribute!