Our roots dig back to 1973 when Mark Jarrett joined Triple Eight Enterprises. Tree planting was in its early stage of development, a craft being invented by free thinking individuals with foresight.

The energy behind Triple Eight eventually inspired a number of successful business adventures, Sinocast Tree Cones, ( now Sinorefor Products Inc), Arial GPS mapping for planting  and stand tending blocks and reforestation . With support of Triple Eight in the form of equipment and former employees, Mark Jarrett developed a new reforestation company, M&L Holdings, which continued offering services to their long-term clients. In 2005, after a struggle with an illness, Mark Jarrett passed away. His dedication, commitment and loyalty for over 30 years is sadly missed by all who knew him. Once more with help from a client and financial backing from long-term employees, Nootka Reforestation emerged and continues to offer the same vision and quality services that were established 39 years ago.

Special thanks to Rick Dunn (former Triple Eight Enterprise owner) and all the long-term employees who trusted and committed themselves to our vision.