Lead by example!

We believe this to be the utmost vital means of reducing dangerous incidents and close calls. Safety elements are reviewed daily and form an integral part of our management system.  Our senior staff and workers are highly qualified and continually relay all safety and health concerns to all other employees.  The philosophy “you are responsible for both your own and your fellow co-workers’ safety” creates an open, collaborative atmosphere of safety and responsibility. Safety meetings become interactive and educational.


In 2006, we received a variance from WorkSafe BC to include climbing helmets as acceptable head protection for tree planting. For five years we have collected data that clearly shows climbing helmets do prevent injuries from slips and falls better than regular hardhats. In collaboration with WorkSafe BC, we will be phasing out regular hardhats.

Our remote work location demands a precise and effective emergency response plan. To decrease response time, all workers will be issued a chest pack with VHS radios and a satellite phone will always be on site.

Please check out our safety stats!