Seedlings are handled with the best care in the industry. Once we take possession of your seedlings, they are shipped to our climate-controlled storage facility, which can accommodate up to 400000 seedlings. The cold storage reefer trailers are capable of controlling three different temperature zones simultaneously.

Normal storage temperature +2 C

Frozen storage temperature -4 C

Thaw cycle +2 to +20 C

Typical seedling handling procedures for remote worksites:

Order stock using Plant Wizard

Arrange shipping from nurseries to our cold storage facility

Select temperature settings after consulting with client and nursery

Ship seedlings from our cold storage via barge or on a daily basis with crew-boat

Transport seedlings to planting blocks using insulated canopies approved by The Ministry of Forests.

Seedling survival rates are important to us! Reducing handling and exposure will increase survival rate and production.

Recycled tree boxes can be returned to the storage site and palletized for shipping back to the nurseries or stored for pile burning.

Alternative recycling processing, such as a small-scale manufacturing of fireplace logs, is currently being re-evaluated. This is thought to be a community fundraiser financed by Nootka Reforestation and major licensee holders.