• Redesigned tool belt for girdling and brushing that leaves workers' hands free while walking.It protects workers from accidents related to falling onto sharp tools, while improving production.
  • Newly designed hand girdler with ergonomic handle and quick-adjusting blade angle.
  • Power Girdler! After 2 years in development, the power girdler is at its final stage of being in production. Very extensive testing resulted in better than expected grades.
            YouTube video coming soon.


Other products in the design stage:

  • Small-scale waxed cardboard recycling plant: Converts tree boxes into compressed logs. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle and Redesign! We hope through joint cooperation with major licensee holders to develop a recycling plant to convert tree boxes into a sellable product. This small-scale plant will help reduce the amount of waxed cardboard ending up in landfills and enable us to reuse wasted energy .The intent of this pilot project is to rethink, teach and explore unconventional methods of contributing to the environment.
             All proceeds are donated to local fundraisers.


  • Dragon: a gas-powered air blower flame thrower that is used for igniting burn piles. This device will use less fuel and have an increased success rate igniting burn piles with high moisture content. The concept is based on the fire triangle: fuel/heat/oxygen. Traditionally, tiger torches or diesel oil drip torches are used. This new design will use diesel as the accelerator combined with a high-volume air blower.
             We hope to have our first trials by late 2012.